Product Design

&Development Lab

The research lab is actively engaged in the area of concurrent engineering, interaction design, product design, sustainable design, human-computer interaction and multimedia research. The group brings together teaching staff and researchers, working on range of interrelated areas. The lab is currently engaged in both research projects and commercial activities in the form of consultancy and CPD for industry. Our research has a focus on how to develop creative sustainable products, from the initial design stage through to completion and mass production, in the shortest time-scales. Our research approach in product design and development facilitates the production that enables minimum environmental impact, more energy efficiency, and the inclusion of social and ethical aspects of sustainability. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of our research we have been working proactively across faculties. Our activities cover a wide range of interrelated areas including



Kevin C. Tseng Associate Professor & Chairman

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(1) Medical Product Design and Development.

(2) User Experinence and Human Computer Interaction Design.

(3) Computer Aid Design and Development .

(4) Applying and Integrating of the Digital Media Technology.


Ph.D in Product Design & Development, De Montfort University UK


Associate Professor & Chairman, Departmrnt of Industrial Design